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Competition Purse.

Over the next number of weeks we will be introducing a purse system to manage our competition entry fee’s. Each member will have a competitions purse within handicap master.Competition fee’s will be deducted from the players purse when a player signs in using the player entry on the computer prior to commencing play on the day of competition. A members purse balance can be topped up by cash / card payment at the desk or by topping up online using Minimum top up of €30 and maximum top up of €100 will apply.The purse system will become live on 19/04/2022. After this date each members purse balance will be displayed after signing in.
For a two week transition period, players will be able to sign in without sufficient funds in the purse (overdraft) and the competition fee’s paid through cash or card payments will be re-credited to the players purse.
After this transition period, players will not be able to sign into competitions without sufficient funds in the purse, so members are advised to top up their purse, preferably by cash / card at the office, or online at before 03/05/2022.Competition purse credit will become the default prize for competitions which are not sponsored by local businesses and business vouchers are not app

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